What is A CuddleCot™?

A CuddleCot is a system that cools the baby allowing families to stay with their baby before being moved to the morgue or funeral home. The cooling pad is placed into a Moses basket which can be left in the parents room, or easily taken back and forth as they would like to see their child. 

Why would a Bereaved Family want to use a CuddleCot™?

They may not, however having the choice is incredibly important. The pain and shock of losing a baby is devastating. No one can predict how they will feel, however having the time to make the choice as to if, when and how long you would like to see your child is a choice that every family should have access to.

Don't all Hospitals have a CuddleCot™?

Unfortunately, no. The cost for a cot is over $5000.00 and there are only select few hospitals in the Country that actually have a CuddleCot™ on hand. This greatly reduces the amount of time a family is able to spend with their infant. By providing more hospitals with this technology, more families will have the opportunity to spend more precious time with their children before leaving the hospital.